Total Divas – August 11th 2013 – Review

Total Divas – August 11th 2013 – Review

By Sandii

I thought the Kardashians had issues. Hopefully they watched this week’s Total Divas for a good laugh.

(Sisterly) Love on the Rocks?

the bella twins total divas aug 11

So, Brie’s moving for her dog. I had a WTF moment with that, yet it was better to go to Phoenix than West-Midwest bubblehumble in Washington. Since I’m one half of a paternal twin and the youngest of five, I can understand how Nikki feels. My brother’s in London and married with a kid already, and I was so upset when he moved because we have a really close bond and I couldn’t see myself without him. So seeing Nikki blow a casket didn’t annoy me as much, I felt sorry for her. Nikki just sees her sister leaving her behind.

Thank god the champ John Cena is her understanding, kind hearted man. He actually gave her some sense and made her see the light. After the language comment, the camel toe description, and the fact that she questioned the contagiousness of tonsillitis, she needs all the sense she can find. The fans already hate her for looking like a gold digger and having a stuck up attitude; hey, let’s throw stupidity and vulgarism into the mix. I shook my head at you a lot Nikki, just saying.

Since Dolph couldn’t live tweet with us tonight, NXT star Corey Graves stepped up and summed it up for us.

tweet total divas august 11th

In the end, the sisters make up which is the best, and the joking of course. By the way, I found a whole new image of John after I watched him rub his nipples and call Nikki corny. Classy John.

Also, Daniel, you win GIF of the week with one simple quote.

the bella twins total divas gif

daniel bryan total divas tweet

Tough Enough Love

jon uso and naomi total divas august 11

We learn more about how cute and close Jon and Trinity are. They are recently engaged and they seem like the best of friends besides lovers. The minute we saw how bothered Jon looked about her not having a ring, I knew it was trouble. She’s trying to keep it off because the WWE wants their divas to look available image wise. He even brings in up in training. My question to him would be ‘What’s wrong with a long engagement, especially with the career they have?’ and for her, I would ask ‘Why not just set the date for the next couple of years?’. It is hard for them with the business they are in, and I think Jon was just overrating a bit. Trinity shouldn’t have brushed him off the way she did either.

Trinity couldn’t choose between which rings to care about more: the WWE’s or Jon’s. Even my mom feels bad for Jon and Trinity. She called their relationship a better love story than Love and Basketball. Nice mom.

But in the end, after working all her anger out in the ring against her man, she comes to realize that she is ready to move forward with Jon. I’m happy to see more of Trinity, but I felt like I was watching something that should have been on an episode of Love and Hip Hop. And Total Divas is turning into Love and Wrestling for me.

Quote of the night goes to Jon: “Why am I going to Cheeseburgers if I’m eating steak every night?”

I wish I had a man who compared me to one of the high price items at a restaurant. What a keeper.

Conflicted Love

jojo total divas august 11th

Now, I have been waiting to learn more about JoJo for weeks now. And when I do, all I do it see her cry. It broke my heart a bit to see it. First, Eva and JoJo are training in Tampa, and just when Jojo is starting to look good in the ring, she’s hurt with a concussion and as a newbie that can slow you down. To make her week worst, her boyfriend shows up with an ultimatum: Your career or our relationship. Nattie and Eve tell her that she has to choose, but for her own reasons. And of course, the crying continues. Is this what Kelly went through, cause if so, they need to have coffee and talk about it.

I agreed with Nattie. JoJo is lucky to be young and have a spot on the roster. She needs to get her head in the game if being a Diva is her dream. Besides the fact that JoJo is 19 and so is her boyfriend, he’s unsupportive and it’s a total turn off. He’s either insecure about her becoming a Diva, a guy with no friends, or he has an astrological sign that is known for having clinger tendencies. After seeing Trinty go at it with Jon, she sees that she wants to be in the ring, so Sebas gets the boot. Tragic, but I’m proud JoJo for sticking to her own guns.

total divas logo

This episode wasn’t that impactful as previewed, but it was a good one. I didn’t really need to know about Ariane’s UTI and Yeast issues since she wasn’t really in the episode, but its E!; I’ve seen Kourtney and Khole hump one another why too much to be sisters and Kendra always talked about her vagina farts on Kendra and Hank. Not surprised that Total Divas has the same content. Eva Marie wasn’t screwing up her career and actually reminded a friend to JoJo. Also, Nattie playing tough big sister was nice to see.

I can see the themes playing greatly into each episode, which is what every reality show that’s not on MTV or VH1 should have. (I mean, I know you’ve watched Basketball Wives, Bad Girls Club, or The Hills at least once. All they do is drink, spend money and fight. At least Total Divas has a theme pattern.) This week was about love, next week they are tackling body issues and we get a glimpses of what Nattie’s love life is with Tyson Kidd, and it’s not looking very good. Only next week will tell us how it goes.



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